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Anna Christie

Anna Christie



A Redfield Arts Audio Production of

Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize Winning Play


Starring Mackenzie Menter, Ben Dawson, Lois Bailey DeVeas, and J.R. Lyston

Adapted and Directed By Mark Redfield. Music and Sound Design by Jennifer Rouse

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“Leave Her Johnny” - Performed by Mackenzie Menter - Music by Jennifer Rouse


From the Redfield Arts Audio production of Eugene O’Neill’s play “Anna Christie”, Mackenzie Menter sings “Leave Her Johnny”.

The music and arrangement is by Jennifer Rouse.

The sea shanty was chosen for our audio drama as, on one level, it may be heard as a song about a sailor leaving a woman behind…but more accurately, a song about leaving a ship, and final voyage behind, and returning home. The folk song dates back to the earliest days of seafaring wanderers…

About this video:
Mackenzie Menter sings “Leave Her Johnny”
Music, and Video Editor: Jennifer Rouse
Camera and Direction: Mark Redfield
℗ and © Mark Redfield Studios. All Rights Reserved.


An Interview With Mackenzie Menter

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