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Redfield Arts Audio produces award-winning audio drama and audio books. The company also provides narration, music and audio editing services for authors, corporate presentations, indie publishers and film, commercial and television productions.

Our audio dramas are produced with full professional voice casts, sound effects, and original music. Our titles are available worldwide on Audible, iTunes, CDBaby, and Compact Disc (CD). 

Redfield Arts Audio is currently producing several episodic fiction series and long-form audio biographies. Up-coming titles include Mark Wheatley's FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER, the audio autobiography CAROLINE MUNRO: IN MY OWN WORDS, and PHILIP ARNOULT AND BALTIMORE THEATRE PROJECT and ALONE: THE LIFE OF POE starring Jeffrey Combs.

If you need narration, music or audio editing for a project, please don't hesitate to contact us at:
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Mark RedfieldMark Redfield is an American actor, writer, artist and filmmaker.

Redfield is the publisher and editor of Poe Forevermore Magazine, and he is the producer of Poe Forevermore Radio Theater, creating and starring in audio plays and audio books based on classic and original works of mystery and imagination. For many years he produced live entertainment and literary events to raise money for The Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, and when the city ended funding of The Poe House, he was asked to serve as Vice President of Poe Baltimore, Inc., helping that new organization get on its feet during its first year. A heart attack in 2013 forced Redfield to prioritize his very busy schedule, and he resigned from his position, leaving the organization in capable hands. As a devotee of Poe, his life and work, Redfield supports all Poe institutions around-the-world. Redfield is in production with an epic audio play biography of Edgar Allan Poe, called ALONE: THE LIFE OF POE. The biography, with full cast of actors and guest stars, music and sound effects, will be available soon both as a deluxe CD set and on iTunes. The Audio Play series VAMPIRE HUNTERS INCORPORATED also debuts soon.

Redfield's feature film credits include: COME HELL OR HIGH WATER (Justin Gatewood), DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (Farper Twyly), THE DEATH OF POE (Edgar Allan Poe), DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (Jekyll/Hyde), & COLD HARBOR (Roger). Television credits include: ARMED ROBBERY ORGASM (as Ron–Channel Four, London), & IN THE GRIP OF EVIL (as Father Hughes–Discovery Channel) among many others. During his career he has acted in, or directed, over seventy plays professionally. Redfield has founded two successful theater companies; Industrial Strength Theater and New Century Theater, respectively, and has toured internationally. He received training in theater and film from Towson University, UNESCO’s Theatre Of Nation’s University, and The Actor’s Conservatory. Redfield's first novel, THE CHANEY MURDER CASE, will be published in 2014. . Redfield is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and Actor's Equity. He owns the production companies Redfield Arts and Damfino Media, and makes his home on sets all over the world, but collects his mail in Los Angeles and Baltimore.



Jennifer RouseJennifer Rouse is a sound designer, video editor, web designer and actress. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Towson University. She studied acting at Stella Adler's School Of Acting, and music performance, voice, and music theory at BCCC and The Peabody Institute.

Jennifer Rouse began playing music at the age of 10. In her high school years, she was a member of the Baltimore County Chorus as well as the Maryland All-State Band. At 13 she began studying singing at The John Hopkins Peabody Conservatory and at 16 was a member of The Baltimore Symphonic Band. She received a scholarship for music to Towson University where she studied music theory, composition, as well as voice. She wrote the film scores for “The Death Of Poe” as well as “The Avenging Conscience”.

Jennifer's acting credits include the role of Helen Gatewood in the western drama Come Hell Or High Water, Mrs. Moran in The Death Of Poe, the role of Ice Cream Girl in the Redfield Arts / Planet X production Chainsaw Sally. Rouse has also appeared in Kevin MacDonald's State Of Play, Ridley Scott's Body of Lies, Touchstone Picture's Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets, and the John Waters film A Dirty Shame. Television credits include Whiting's Secretary on season 5 of HBO's The Wire.

Jennifer's film production work includes being the associate producer for Chainsaw Sally and The Death Of Poe. She did the music score for the film The Death Of Poe and the sound editing and music for Palatine Hill Productions' The Drum Major. Jennifer also produced an animation for the IRCM Radar Sysyem for Northrop Grumman.



Stuart VoytillaStuart Voytilla is a writer, script consultant, and teacher of acting and screenwriting. Voytilla's collaboration with Mark Redfield goes back many years, and includes the play adaptation of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, that their screenplay and 2002 film was based on. Film credits include “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (co-writer, co-producer). Voytilla wrote the script for Poe Forevermore Radio Theater’s “The Curse of Black Aggie”. He is writing and developing scripts for the AudioPlay series “Vampire Hunters Incorporated” with Redfield.

Voytilla also lectures about myth and genre, and teaches screenwriting at San Diego State University. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books on story structure and genre, “Myth and the Movies” and (with Scott Petri) “Writing the Comedy Film”.

He makes his home in San Diego with his wife Barbara Rinaldo and their daughter Elena.



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